Install a thermostatic shower system

Follow this installation guide steps by steps or play the video to watch the installation.


1 - If major work is done on the home, the water network must be flushed of all impurities to avoid damaging your mixer.

2 - Before dismantling your old unit, make sure the hot water feed is on the left, and that the cold water feed is on the right. Call a professional if that is not the case.

3 - Prepare parts and tools with close access to the connections.
Turn off the water supply before dismantling your old unit.


1 - Check the distance between water feeds and the ceiling. The distance must be at least 118 cm.

2 - Screw the s union connectors in to your fittings in the wall so that they extend by about 42 mm.

3 - Screw the escutcheons against the wall.

4 - Adjust the spacing so that there is 150 mm between the centres of the escutcheons, and then verify they are level . Adjust if necessary.

5 - Install the mixer and tighten firmly. The nuts must not touch the escutcheons. Adjust if necessary and verify horizontal positioning.

6 - Dismantle everything. Note the depth between the s union connectors and the wall.

Installing the thermostatic mixer

1 - Seal the thread of the s union connector using PTFE tape, wrapped in the tightening direction.

2 - Tighten the s union connectors with a 22 mm open-end wrench.

3 - Adjust the connectors so that there is a space of 150 mm centre to centre, and the same depth, as noted from your previous measurements. Then check They are level using a spirit level.

4 - Apply a silicon seal between the wall and the eccentric connectors.

5 - Screw the escutcheons onto the s union connectors.

6- Remove the red and blue caps from the mixer. Make sure the filters are placed correctly, with the rounded side facing inwards.

7 - Place the mixer on the s union connectors, without adding any additional seals, then tighten the nuts using a 32 mm open-end wrench. 

8 - Use a spirit level to make sure the mixer is level. Adjust it if necessary. Check for leaks by turning on the water supply to the mixer.

Installing the shower rail

1 - Insert the shower rail, on to the thermostatic mixer until it stops

2 - Position the wall mount into the top fixing bracket shower rail, positioning the flat side towards the bottom.

3 - Check the bar's vertical alignment using a spirit level.

4 - Use a pencil to mark the hole locations, then remove the rail.

5 - Fit your drill with a 6 mm drill bit appropriate for the wall type.

6 - Drill 3 holes, fill them with silicon, then insert the provided rawl plugs.

7 - Place the flexible seal around the wall mount, then position the flat seal between the wall and mount.

8 - Screw in the wall mount.

9 - Put the escutcheon into place over the wall mount and put the shower rail back into position on the thermostatic mixer. Push the top fixing of the shower rail on to the wall mount and insert the 3mm grub screw and tighten.

Installing the head shower

1 - Insert the shower arm on to the shower rail and fix in to place using the 2.5mm blue locking screw.

2 - In this order: place the filter pointing downwards, then place the red seal in the head shower. Screw the head shower onto the shower arm.

3 - Make sure the head shower operates properly.

Adjusting the thermostatic mixer

1 - Using a thermometer, check the water temperature. If it is 38°C when the handle guide lines up with the 38°C marker of the shower body, then no adjustment is needed.

2 - If adjustment is necessary, close the plug-hole and remove the cover on the mixer handle using a small flat-head screwdriver.

3 - Loosen the screw, then remove the handle.

4 - Run the water. Adjust the thermostatic cartridge by turning the notched black element until the temperature reaches 38°C. Put the handle back with the guide on the handle facing 38°C. Screw in the handle and put the cover back on.

Installing the hand shower

1 - Check the proper placement of seals in the hose. If they are missing, add a fiber or rubber seal.

2 - Screw the smaller end of the hose onto the thermostatic mixer.

3 - Screw the larger end of the hose onto the hand shower.

4 - Check to make sure the thermostatic mixer is operating properly with the head shower and head shower.

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