GROHE Sensia Arena Shower toilet complete system, floorstanding

Product Number
alpine white

Product Description

The GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet – floor-standing with sleek design plus Plasmacluster and self-cleaning technology

Transform your daily cleaning routine with this innovative Japanese-style toilet that combines the functions of a toilet, bidet and shower. Featuring two separate self-cleaning spray heads that you can adjust for position, pressure and temperature, with oscillating and massage spray options and a warm air dryer function, the floor-standing GROHE Sensia Arena makes visiting the toilet a pleasure. It’s full of extra features designed for your personal comfort, including automatic seat and lid opening, powerful flush that cleans and covers the whole bowl, an auto-clean programme and stand-by mode. Find your way at night with the toilet’s soft nightlight and warm up with the heated seat function! Designed to be 100% hygienic and easy to clean, the bidet toilet uses Plasmacluster technology and odour absorption to clean the air, while advanced ceramic finishes HyperClean and AquaCeramics are anti-stick, anti-limescale and anti-bacterial, banishing 99.9% of germs. Use the remote control or a smartphone app to control and programme, and let the GROHE Sensia Arena create a whole new level of bathroom luxury and cleanliness.

  • GROHE Hygiene Clean: with antibacterial glazing HyperClean (SIAA Kokin Japanese standard compliant) and non-stick coating AquaCeramic
  • GROHE power flush: rimless siphon jet WC with GROHE Triple Vortex flushing technology
  • GROHE Skin Clean
  • 2 dedicated adjustable spray arms (1 for anal area, 1 for lady spray)
  • separate water way for lady spray
  • oscillating spray (automatic forward and reverse motion of the spray)
  • pulsating spray for massage
  • adjustable spray intensity
  • automatic pre- and post-rinsing of spray nozzle with fresh water
  • integrated instant heater provides unlimited warm water
  • adjustable temperature
  • Additional functions:
  • warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
  • odor extraction with filter
  • heated WC seat with automatic opening/close function
  • infra-red user detection
  • power switch
  • inside bowl night light
  • remote control
  • smart phone app for iOS and Android
  • music unit
  • includes:
  • drain socket for floor mounting
  • manual remote controller with wall-mounted holder
  • active carbon filter for odour absorption
  • nozzle guard
  • pressure 0.1 - 0.75 MPa (0.1 - 7.5 bar)
  • nominal voltage 220-240 V AC
  • main frequency 60 Hz
  • type of protection IPX4
  • CNS approved